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How many sessions would I need?

This depends on the issues you are seeking help with. Counselling can be effective for some people within 4 – 6 individual sessions, other’s may find that once they start ‘unloading excess baggage’, the process can continue for months.  Financial Workout is initially 6 sessions and many clients book in a quarterly or bi-annual Fitness check-up.

Where would the services take place?

Counselling and Financial Workout is offered at a private practice in Darling Point or Medical Centre in Bondi Junction. Walk and Talk is offered at Centennial Park, Bondi, Rushcutters Bay and Hyde Park or Domain, and Life Laundry takes place wherever you need our expertise! Appointments are based on availability and are arranged at a mutually convenient time.

What is a workshop?

Participating with others.  PACE Yourself workshops generally are for 6 people and for 2.5 hours for 5 sessions.  Workshops are offered for Financial Fitness and for Life Laundry.   Realising other people are facing the same issues and working through them together brings greater commitment and desire to move ahead.

How can I fit your services into my busy schedule?

Depending on the service most suitable there are counselling times before and after work. De-cluttering can be scheduled in advance to fit in with your schedule – and if clutter is wreaking havoc, setting a 3 hour time block, even for a very busy person, can be allocated.

How are you different from other service providers?

PACE Yourself takes a holistic approach offering counselling and coaching (listening and empowering) with the uniqueness of practical ‘hands-on’ assistance.

What is lifestyle management?

Identifying areas of your life that are not being managed well and creating proven solutions to remedy these and set up simple ongoing management systems. It may be assisting with clearing out an office, a home, a garage, a storage shed. It can also be listening and counselling around a relationship problem whether it is work, family or partner or helping get forward with finances, clearing debt, consolidating superannuation or investing.

What is de-cluttering?

Streamlining, recycling, dumping or organising ‘stuff’. Clutter or ‘too much stuff’ gets in the way of living a relaxed life. Living with clutter can de-motivate and make it difficult to focus. Being organised gives a great sense of wellbeing and feeling of being in control.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is treatment for interpersonal problems in life and involves talking with a trained professional who can offer support, advice and new perspectives on conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to career dissatisfaction and relationship worries.


Counselling provides ways to communicate feelings, understand thought processes and gain fresh outlooks on past events and current relationships. It can help to identify the problems and assist in their resolution, whilst clarifying goals for the future and the steps needed to achieve them.

Do something you love

Do something you love, whether it’s reading a novel, having a long bath, visiting an art exhibition, writing some poetry, calling a friend for a chat etc. By engaging in an activity you enjoy you will ultimately feel happier.

Breath deeply

Breath deeply as this will help eliminate anxiety and feelings of stress.

Get moving!

Get moving! Being active makes us feel better so whether it’s a short walk to the shops in your tea break or jumping around to some music at home, make it a daily ritual to stretch your legs.

Find something funny

Find something funny to laugh at every day as it’ll make you feel good and less stressed.

Wait for the sales

Wait for the sales before buying items such as bedding, sofas, crockery, home appliances, TV’s etc. as you could save yourself thousands of dollars!

Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk as goods will be cheaper this way. It means less visits to the supermarket too.

Take your own packed lunch to work

Take your own packed lunch to work as it’s far cheaper than buying it.

Make the most of your local library as it’s free

Make the most of your local library as it’s free. Most loan books, dvd’s, cd’s and computer games.

Don’t carry credit cards in your purse

Don’t carry credit cards in your purse. Only use cash or debit cards.

Dedicate 15 minutes every day to de-cluttering

Dedicate 15 minutes every day to de-cluttering. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get through in a short space of time.

Clothing rule

Clothing rule: if you haven’t worn an item in a year sell or donate it.

Have a mini de-clutter for your fridge

Have a mini de-clutter for your fridge every week on bin night before putting out the rubbish. You can discard anything that’s old or empty and make more room which helps the air to circulate better so food stays fresh longer. And by doing it on bin night the rubbish is taken straight away rather than sitting in your bin for a few days being smelly.

Save time in the morning

Save time in the morning (and yourself a whole lot of stressing) by preparing in advance. Select your outfit, pack school bags and make lunches the night before so when the alarm clock beckons you can simply dress, eat brekkie, grab your stuff and go!


“I couldn’t see a way out of our debt.  The only thing was to sell the home. Thank goodness I was introduced to Jane before I made the decision.  We worked through a feasible plan.  I was encouraged to talk to all lenders to review our situation and, some six months later, we are on track, still a little frugal in many areas, yet with our own home, about to acquire an investment property and upgrade our car.  It is an incredible relief and I wouldn’t have thought it possible this time last year.  Jane is happy to offer a phone analysis to establish whether Walk and Talk, Life Laundry, or Financial Workout will benefit you most as a first step. Every woman is unique.  These services are a bridge between where you are now to preparing your personalized Financial Plan.” – Irene


“I didn’t think about money or investing and got uncomfortable around my financial paperwork.  Following a change in circumstances, I had to face up to finances.  Jane started with her Life Laundry programme, going through my paperwork, which was a mess, and organizing into aesthetically pleasing files, in an order I can manage without stressing.  Next step is Financial Workout and then I will be ready to go and have my Financial Planning session with a bank.  Until I felt easier around investing and had an understanding of my own situation, I didn’t feel I could see a Planner.” – Katie


“Jane inspired me as she has done the hard yards – a single parent with no maintenance income, she’s bought and sold property, traded shares, paid out $000’s for education on wealth, and importantly for me, talked without jargon.  I love that Jane doesn’t judge, simply encourages.  I was terrified about buying shares and tended to listen to negative media.  Over the last 14 months, I have invested in stock, some of which has gone up over $10 a share and, guess what, tax is paid on the dividend income. Took me a while to get that.  I use Jane’s Walk and Talk service every week and can chat about all issues not just money!!  Procrastination around moving from apartment to a house was a big one for me, and recently I managed this upgrade without anxiety.  It’s a great feeling.” – Justine


“Jane pointed out many things – one was my small ‘nest egg’ savings I considered were attracting interest, were actually costing me money as I continued to have credit card debt and I was paying tax on the interest on my savings. Silly!  Very quickly I was put on track – never before had I established a ‘budget’, I detested the word – sounded like a diet.  With Jane’s Financial Workout, I realized I can still have ‘play’ money and buy gorgeous shoes – within reason!  I recommend any busy working woman to have a Financial Workout.  Oh, and I now have real savings – enough for a deposit on an apartment – all this in 18 months.” – Fiona


“I was earning a good salary, happily married and my husband managed the money – I was in shock when our relationship broke down, culminating in divorce.  With no idea what to do next, financially and emotionally, I engaged PACE Yourself.   Jane took me back to basics, gave me invaluable knowledge around property and shares as well as helping with my emotional intelligence – which was low!  I am now on my own two feet, with a plan for the future, a wonderful apartment that I own and a parcel of shares.  Jane is currently working with me on locating an investment property.” – Tracey


“Jane was with me for only 4 hours and my office was completely in order.  Previously I had felt uncomfortable going in the room and generally put off handling the home paperwork.  I now have a simple and effective system.  Whatever you need sorting, Jane sees and implements the solution quickly.” – Carolyn

PACE Yourself improves health, wealth and happiness…

PACE Yourself improves health, wealth and happiness…

In this increasingly demanding age there never seems to be enough time to juggle all aspects of life effectively. With never-ending to-do lists, always playing catch up, and our finances in an unhealthy state, we’re left feeling unworthy and dissatisfied, even guilty and resentful. Weighed down by these stresses we eventually find avoidance becomes the main coping mechanism. This leads to depression.

Through years of private practice, PACE Yourself founder, Jane Milton, noticed the correlation between financial anxiety, clutter in the home and office, and unrealistic expectations as contributors to depression, and PACE Yourself was born.

PACE Yourself helps to eliminate stress and anxiety by offering professional, therapeutic lifestyle management programmes relating to financial worries, relationships and clutter/disorganisation, to assist you in achieving a happier and more fulfilling life.

What sets us apart from general and financial counselling services or professional organising companies is our focus on psychological modalities in combination with practical assistance leading to more successful, long term outcomes.

PACE Yourself offers the following:

Lifestyle Management
Support with relationship problems
Financial and general counselling
Exercise and wellbeing improvement
Home de-cluttering
Paper processing and office organisation