“I couldn’t see a way out of our debt.  The only thing was to sell the home. Thank goodness I was introduced to Jane before I made the decision.  We worked through a feasible plan.  I was encouraged to talk to all lenders to review our situation and, some six months later, we are on track, still a little frugal in many areas, yet with our own home, about to acquire an investment property and upgrade our car.  It is an incredible relief and I wouldn’t have thought it possible this time last year.  Jane is happy to offer a phone analysis to establish whether Walk and Talk, Life Laundry, or Financial Workout will benefit you most as a first step. Every woman is unique.  These services are a bridge between where you are now to preparing your personalized Financial Plan.” – Irene


“I didn’t think about money or investing and got uncomfortable around my financial paperwork.  Following a change in circumstances, I had to face up to finances.  Jane started with her Life Laundry programme, going through my paperwork, which was a mess, and organizing into aesthetically pleasing files, in an order I can manage without stressing.  Next step is Financial Workout and then I will be ready to go and have my Financial Planning session with a bank.  Until I felt easier around investing and had an understanding of my own situation, I didn’t feel I could see a Planner.” – Katie


“Jane inspired me as she has done the hard yards – a single parent with no maintenance income, she’s bought and sold property, traded shares, paid out $000’s for education on wealth, and importantly for me, talked without jargon.  I love that Jane doesn’t judge, simply encourages.  I was terrified about buying shares and tended to listen to negative media.  Over the last 14 months, I have invested in stock, some of which has gone up over $10 a share and, guess what, tax is paid on the dividend income. Took me a while to get that.  I use Jane’s Walk and Talk service every week and can chat about all issues not just money!!  Procrastination around moving from apartment to a house was a big one for me, and recently I managed this upgrade without anxiety.  It’s a great feeling.” – Justine


“Jane pointed out many things – one was my small ‘nest egg’ savings I considered were attracting interest, were actually costing me money as I continued to have credit card debt and I was paying tax on the interest on my savings. Silly!  Very quickly I was put on track – never before had I established a ‘budget’, I detested the word – sounded like a diet.  With Jane’s Financial Workout, I realized I can still have ‘play’ money and buy gorgeous shoes – within reason!  I recommend any busy working woman to have a Financial Workout.  Oh, and I now have real savings – enough for a deposit on an apartment – all this in 18 months.” – Fiona


“I was earning a good salary, happily married and my husband managed the money – I was in shock when our relationship broke down, culminating in divorce.  With no idea what to do next, financially and emotionally, I engaged PACE Yourself.   Jane took me back to basics, gave me invaluable knowledge around property and shares as well as helping with my emotional intelligence – which was low!  I am now on my own two feet, with a plan for the future, a wonderful apartment that I own and a parcel of shares.  Jane is currently working with me on locating an investment property.” – Tracey


“Jane was with me for only 4 hours and my office was completely in order.  Previously I had felt uncomfortable going in the room and generally put off handling the home paperwork.  I now have a simple and effective system.  Whatever you need sorting, Jane sees and implements the solution quickly.” – Carolyn