Life Laundry

De-cluttering and bringing calm to your chaos…

Life Laundry is a professional de-cluttering and organising service for time poor and task-heavy people, or anyone who just needs a helping hand getting organised.

We will eliminate the tension of a messy home or office with our personalised organisational systems, helping you to clear out any clutter, put an order to your paperwork and gain control, leaving more time for you!

We can help manage your bills, paperwork and other important documentation, or any upcoming larger tasks that feel too much to take on alone, whether it be buying a house, the arrival of a new baby or arranging a wedding or holiday. Clients use our services on an ‘as needs’ basis or at a regular time slot

Perhaps you have lost a loved one and have no idea where to start in the process of sorting out their personal effects and need some support and calm, practical, efficient help – whether it’s writing letters to suppliers, banks, or taking pieces to charity.

“Clutter gets in the way of living the life you want. It makes it hard to breathe, it makes it hard to move. It makes it hard to see clearly, hard to focus and to stay motivated. You have to clean outside to get clean inside” – Peter Walsh, de-cluttering expert and author.

It is known that clutter has a draining effect on us yet we are surrounded by it on a daily basis. The process of eliminating this mess is very freeing, allowing us to think more clearly, feel less stressed and have more time for the activities we enjoy.

Clients are amazed at how Life Laundry positively affects other areas of their lives, including relationships at work and at home, parenting and social. And it doesn’t stop there. By ‘clearing out’ you can sell-on or recycle items which is good for you (money in your pocket, a clear conscience) and it’s good for the environment (less stuff sitting in landfills).


Life Laundry outcomes:

  • Efficiently organised home and office including cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, bookshelves, paperwork, filing, photos
  • Clutter free mind and life
  • Tasks handled quickly and effectively
  • More time to do the things you love
  • Money made from selling-on goods
  • Less frowning, more smiling!


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