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In this increasingly demanding age there never seems to be enough time to juggle all aspects of life effectively. With never-ending to-do lists, always playing catch up, and our finances in an unhealthy state, we’re left feeling unworthy and dissatisfied, even guilty and resentful. Weighed down by these stresses we eventually find avoidance becomes the main coping mechanism. This leads to depression.

Through years of private practice, PACE Yourself founder, Jane Milton, noticed the correlation between financial anxiety, clutter in the home and office, and unrealistic expectations as contributors to depression, and PACE Yourself was born.

PACE Yourself helps to eliminate stress and anxiety by offering professional, therapeutic lifestyle management programmes relating to financial worries, relationships and clutter/disorganisation, to assist you in achieving a happier and more fulfilling life.

What sets us apart from general and financial counselling services or professional organising companies is our focus on psychological modalities in combination with practical assistance leading to more successful, long term outcomes.

PACE Yourself offers the following:

  • Lifestyle Management
  • Support with relationship problems
  • Financial and general counselling
  • Exercise and wellbeing improvement
  • Home de-cluttering
  • Paper processing and office organisation

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